สถาบัน CIP หลักสูตร IELTS Preparation (6 weeks)


  1. Why did you choose CIP?

I chose to study in CIP because my mother recommended it to me. My mother said that this institute is safe so it made me choose to study here. Based on what I heard from another student, CIP is interesting and can help me improve my IELTS score. Because of these reasons, it made me choose CIP.

  1. Do you think your English has improved?

I think my English has improved. I know my strong and weak points for my English. My teachers help me fix the weak points and also help me use the strong points in IELTS exam more usefully.

  1. Who is your favorite teacher?

My favorite teacher in CIP is T. Ralph. He is my buddy teacher. He is also my writing teacher. He is very funny and friendly, I always enjoyed his class. He makes me feel happy while we are having class. He makes me feel interested to come to study in his class. And because he is my buddy teacher, I can talk to him anytime whenever I have problems. He makes me want to stay longer at CIP.

  1. Did you make friends from different countries?

Yes, I made friends with different nationalities. I learned some new culture and also some different languages. Because I am the youngest in my group of friends, everyone took good care of me very well. Students in CIP are very friendly. When I meet my friends, they will always smile and greet. I am very happy because I have many new friends already.

  1. Do you think you have learned a lot from natives?

I learned a lot of new knowledge from native teachers. They taught about pronunciation and also grammar structures. Whenever I use wrong grammar, they always help me fix my mistakes and indicated the correct ways.

  1. Have your Korean staff take good care of you

Yes, they took good care of me very well. When I have some problems, they can helped anytime whether it was after-hours or not. They are very friendly and we always talked like a friend.

  1. Please share your good memories in CIP.

My good memories happened every Tuesday. Every Tuesday, CIP has dance exercise at 7.00 PM. I like dancing and it is more fun when I danced with my friends. This activity was very healthy and relaxing. I feel good when I dance with my friends.

  1. How did you spend time on weekends?

I always spend my weekends doing my hobbies. My hobbies are drawing pictures and write fiction. But sometimes I went shopping with my friends. I liked to do everything I want on Saturday and liked to do homework on Sunday. I am an IELTS student so I have essay every weekend. So I had to spend few times for doing this.

  1. What is your plan after CIP?

When I go back to my country, I will begin studying first year in a university and also prepare myself on taking an IELTS exam. My band score should 6 from 9 in IELTS exam. When I get this score, I will go work abroad in England for one year. And then come back to study second year in the university. After I finish my forth year, I will try to find a scholarship to study abroad for master’s degree and doctor’s degree.

  1. Please give an advice for students how to enjoy life in CIP.

I think we can enjoy life in CIP anytime. We should relax and stay happy while learning. I think everyone can’t be happy at all times but, we can do things to make us happy ourselves. If you want to be happy, please do something that want you want to do. Those things will make you enjoy your life and feel happy all the time.



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