สถาบัน LifeCebu หลักสูตร Power Speaking (12 weeks)

ชีวิตที่ LifeCebu ของน้องปลา ถ่ายทอดเป็นภาษาอังกฤษ บอกเล่าทุกความเป็นไปและความรู้สึกโดยละเอียด

Lifecebu is a small building. We study and sleep in the same building. There are a small swimming pool and a small fitness. It looks like a condo. First time I came here I felt uncomfortable because I must share the room with foreigners with different culture and pronunciation which is difficult to understand. In here people speak with America pronunciation. In my case there are 3 people in one room, including one Thai, one Korea and one Japanese.

Here, new student comes every Monday. I stay here just for three months. When you come here first time on Monday, you have to take exam and meet your batchmates who come from different country. Almost all student here are Korean and Japanese. Only few Thai students my friends and I from the same university. I think if you go alone, some person will feel lonely.

          I take power speaking course. I study five classes in one day. We will meet new friends and travel together to places such as beach and waterfall.

About teachers, I like and am very impressed. My teacher is very nice. We study together everyday, speak English and sometimes hang out together and then we’re being friends. In here, speaking is emphasized.

Now I can speak English better than before. I come here and learn many thing. I get new foreign friends and new experience that in Thailand I never had. And soon on 18 July, my friend will come back to Thailand with me for one week. With many other friends, we always keep in touch.


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